Installation & Service

My parts arrived, now what? Will I be charged in addition to the initial service call fee?
Once your parts have arrived, contact us at Sears Home Services (080-23587000), so we can let a technician know your parts have arrived and the service can be completed. During the initial service call, you were charged once for parts and labor. You will not be charged for service again.

What if I you repair my appliance and the same problem occurs? Will you charge me to come out a second time?
If the technician has to return for the same symptom/problem, there will be no additional charge for labor. This is considered a recall; because our technician did not diagnose the root of the problem or did not complete the repair properly, we will not charge you any extra labor.

How do I file a claim for damages to my appliance that occurred during a repair or installation?

To file a claim for damages, call Global Sales India Services at 080-23587000and a Customer Solutions team member will assist you.

Do you repair products that weren't purchased at Sears?
Yes, we do service products not purchased at Sears. We service all major brands for your convenience.

Do you repair products not listed on the Global Sales India Services website?

We service some products and brands not listed on, including Chimneys, Gas stoves, Gas Hobs, Gas Water Heaters, Induction Stoves, water Purifier and many more. For further details, call Global Sales India Services at 080-2358700.

Do you install products not listed on the Global Sales India Services website?
For installation of products not listed on our website, contact our Global Sales India Services Installation Department 080-2358700

If I receive a used appliance from a family member or friend, will you install it for me?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but Sears only installs new items.

I just bought a new home. Can you come out and inspect my appliances?
Yes we can. Just call our Global Sales India Services team at080-23587000 so they can provide you with a cost estimate and set up an appointment.